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I spilled a bag of minstrels in my bag today. So ive been picking them out all day.

Dust dust dust
Munch munch munch
Yum yum yum.

That is all

Long distance

Well, it's happened. Moody has moved down south to work for his brother. I am officially in a long distance relationship. Bah. Makes it worse when you're used to spending all your time with them. I'm keeping myself busy to - going out with my housemates - making stuff for random quirks ( no more sales on etsy yet - but have had a couple of custom orders for friends) etc. Won't be seeing him til the 8th of feb since i wont get money til then.

On the bright side - i will get to live with him next year. And randomly I got complimented on my purple hair today at the supermarket, awesome. :D


Random Quirks!

Hey people. Omg, I've now signed up to etsy and have my own shop. Woo. It was Moody that finally gave me the push and I'm so glad he did. And on the first day a pair of my barbie shoe earrings sold! Yay! Check it out:


Awesome. I'm in such a good mood.

How was everyones new years?


Trains SUCK

Well, I'm up in Scotland visiting my parents. In the Aber of the deen (Aberdeen :D)

The train journey was a nightmare. It started off so well. My dad got me first class tickets (only £10 extra on a weekend, awesome)! Was soooo excited, never been on first class before. Well, I had to change trains at one point, but my train had to do a detour cos there was a broken rail, so my train arrived 15 mins late in york. That meant that i missed my connection! And my tickets were for that specific train. So I had no choice but to jump on the next train (which was delayed 10 mins - little kids playing on the tracks) and sit in second class.

Problem was that the ticket dude said i couldnt use my tickets cos it was for a different kind of train, and that if I got off at the nextstop then he wouldnt charge me £50. So I got off in Newcastle and went to the info desk. They said that I could get on the train free of charge and the ticket dude let me back on.

So I got back on the train to hear an announcement saying that the train was delayed cos they were missing some staff and we had to wait for them. 15 mins later we started to move and I got to Dundee. My next train was at 9 but i arrived at about 3 mins to 9, so i ran my ass off to the platform and just made it onto the train. To avoid anymore having to explain my ticket problems to the ticket people, I pretended to be asleep all the way to Aberdeen, again in standard class

Supposed to happen: I left at 2.30, supposed to be travelling first class after having paid for it, changing once and arriving at 9.

Reality: I left at 2.30, sat in first class, then missed my connection, sat in standard, got thrown off a train and was almost left stranded in Newcastle, almost missed my next connection and had to pretend to be asleep. Arriving at 10.30

Trains SUCK.

Ah well, I'm here now. Since I used to live here 10 years ago, my mum took me and my brother on a tour today of all our old houses (we moved a lot) and our schools. Was weird being back. Am gonna see my best friend from primary school aswell, we've kept in touch all these years. Makes me feel kinda old, even though Im only 19 and a half.

Well, more soon,



Omg, I'm sooooooooooo tired. Today is the beginning of my Christmas holidays so I can finally relax.

Very sorry if I haven't posted or commented in ages but if I can barely make time for Moody, then there's just no hope for anyone else. :D I had too many deadlines, not enough sleep, christmas shopping, not enough food, just too much work and barely any play. Blah! Ok there is the end of my rant, now for happiness:

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....for a few weeks. :D

Will be making the 6 hour trek up to Scotland on Saturday to see the folks so that'll be cool. Plus, I get to see people who I haven't seen in almost 10 years (used to live in Scotland), so yay!

Plus, with no deadlines a-looming I can focus on making stuff again, I miss it soooo much. And I can also write up all my notes from lectures this term cos I can barely read the ones I took, lol.

Anyway, best be off, I have pizza going cold.

Ah the life of a student.

La di da

Well, I am actually doing quite well with money this month. But thats probably cos I had a stomach bug and didnt eat for 4 days. Food shopping suddenly becomes so much cheaper, lol. Ah well, I'm better now and am eating everything in sight to make up for it. :D

The European market has come to Manchester so i get to have yummy beef rolls with stuffing. Theres like only one stall that has beef, the rest have pork. They also have awesome desserts like mini pancakes and hot chocolate with bailys in it. Am going again today, gotta pack in as much food before it goes again.

Went to see the Foo Fighters at the start of th month. Was amazing! There was this walkway down the middle of the stadium where we got really good places right at the front of it, so we had the perfect view when people walked down the walkway. I was like 6 ft away from Dave Grohl. Heaven! There was this really funny girl on the other side of the walkway who seemed to be a really big fan cos when Dave said they had to go and how could he make it up to us she yelled "By letting me suck your cock!" Hee hee.

Had my Halloween party before that - was really good. I remember most of it, but according to the pictures, I had a very good time, lol.

Uni work is catching up on me, got so many deadlines.

But hey, its Christmas in a month :D

Hope all you yanks had an awesome thanksgiving.


Bah, I'll eat my words!

Well this year is definitely underway.

Projects have been given out, I've settled into my house, am still poor, lol.

Am a lot happier with my course, I've made good friends with the extension of my group last year, and I'll be with them for our design workshops. The group I was with last year didn't want me in their group this year, (charming) so I'm in a group with the extension and 2 others who are very nice. I'm a lot happier, :D

Plus we've started getting placement opportunities coming in. After looking at the list of where people are this year (3rd years), I saw that all the good ones are in London. I always said that I'd never live in London cos it was way too big and scary, but now that I look at it logically, I see that after all it would be a pretty good place to live. So bah, I'll eat my words. The more I think about it, the more I look forward to it. Especially since Moody said he might be able to come with me. Since he's still looking for a job here, its probably best since his dad said he could get him a job in London.

The thing is that if he doesn't find a job by the new year, his contract on his flat expires and his dad will make him come home and work for him. Either that or he'll go to his sisters down south where he can work for his uncle. So I've got to help him find a job. He's my best friend, I can't imagine not living in the same city as him. Fingers crossed.

Well anyway, my house is throwing a Halloween fancy dress party this Friday, so I need to decide what I'm going as. I'm poor so I can't go and get anything new. Luckily I have a little collection. Basically I've got:

A glittery silver cowboy hat
A HUGE long blonde curly wig
A Viking hat
A plastic axe
Fairy Wings
A tiara

So far Ive come up with; evil viking, evil fairy, evil fairy barbie, normal fairy, Cowgirl barbie, Viking barbie, and If i team the wig with a shirt, smart trousers and a waist coat - an office bimbo.

Anyone come with anything better? :D

Better be off, lecture to go to, joy.

See ya.

No money in the kitty

Well, my first week back in Manchester is over. It's been a good one. Tho I do have no money. Cos I'm going to see the Foo Fighters in November so that £30 has been spent. And last night me and Moody found out that Queens of the Stonage tickets went on sale the day before! Crap! So we were surfing the net at top speed trying to get some. They were all sold out everywhere. Luckily we managed to get balcony seats in Glasgow! Thats better than nothing, bout £20 each so that was another £40 gone. Plus I've got to pay my rent, so I'm left with about £70 for 10 days which is definately do-able, tho it may be harder if I want to go out which I'm going to be tonight.

Apart from that, its gonna be a good year I think, went to the first frisbee training today which was cool, loads of new people as well as the familiar faces

Um, yeah apparently, the second year of uni is the hardest so that will be interesting. We've got to compete for our placements for next year. Bit scary seeing as I have no idea where I'll be this time next year, but exciting at the same time.

Monday and Tuesday will be the best days of the week cos on Monday I don't have to go in til 2 in the afternoon, and on Tuesday I don't have to go in at all. Awesome. But it evens out cos I start at 9 the other 3 days. 9 is so harsh, but it could be a lot worse. I'm quite happy with my timetable so far. The year has been split into 6 groups for lectures and I am with the same people as last year plus, apparently we can pick our own groups for team work now so I'll be with the same people again. Theres pros and cons to that.

Anyway, am loving my new house mates. The house is cool, but we have an evil toilet that keeps getting blocked, so annoying. I painted polka dots on my bedroom wall, looks pretty darn cool.

Am still making stuff, and me and my housemate found this really cool market down the road that has loads of fabric stalls. Bought a couple of metres there and then. Plus they have load of other crafty supplies so that will be useful. Have painted a couple more t-shirts and made a load of barbie shoes earrings and happy face earrings to add to my collection. Still waiting on my website tho, getting frustrated.

Anyway, gotta go.

Moody can't be suddenly woken up himself, ha ha, I'm mean.

No it's white!

A taster for the fun to come from my course. Last year during a lecture a girl with a HUGE goofy grin came in asking if her scarf was under one of the desks. A girl picked it up and said "Is it white?". The girl yelled back "No it's white!" Cue sniggering.

I love my course. It amuses me.



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